Homework is an aspect of school that encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning, to make decisions and accept consequences. Homework provides children with opportunities to become more independent, successful children. Homework should, therefore, be treated by the child, parent and teacher as a valued and integral part of the learning process.

Homework activities may include some reading, revision of previous work, practice in a particular process, advance preparation for new topics, completion of unfinished class work or research based activities.
The amount of time set for homework should not be over-long. Relaxation and activities outside of school are important aspects of the child’s total development and their value should not be underestimated.
Suggested times for homework for Monday – Thursday
Years 1 & 2                5 – 25 minutes
Years 3, 4 & 5            20 – 30 minutes
Years 6 & 7                40 – 45 minutes
The parents’ role in their children’s homework should be one of support. Maintaining a positive attitude and encouraging the child to work independently are important aspects of that support. Initially parents may need to help with general organization and keeping to a schedule. Parents also need to see that the child has a comfortable, well-lit and quiet place to work.
Parents are not expected to correct their child’s work as the information gained from the child’s efforts is important for reteaching or future planning by the teacher. This does not preclude a parent from advising or instructing their child at their own discretion. They must be careful, however, not to mask any serious conceptual difficulties the child may be experiencing.
The school recognizes the increasing pressures of family life and the demands on parents’ time. For this reason, homework schedules are to be closely observed and the homework policy reviewed in relation to rapidly changing lifestyles.
Parents are asked to inform teachers of reasons for homework not being completed. If a reasonable attempt has been made but the work is not finished, parents are asked to inform teachers that genuine commitment has been shown to the completion of set tasks.